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0.5 litre cleaner for grill grate and accessories

his efficient phosphate- and solvent-free cleaner removes old dry grease, prevents its accumulation and is ideal for cleaning the inside of your grill, smoker or grill grate. This is an active and highly concentrated foam for cleaning and removing grease. It will remove massive contamination from your grill such as smoke resin deposits, old and burnt grease, vegetable and mineral oil or protein residue. Cleaning is faster at higher temperatures.
– Fire- and blast-resistant, non-flammable.
– Has no effects on the flavour or taste of food (in accordance with LFBG § 31).

Fields of application:
– a universal cleaner used in the food industry for cleaning old contamination and residues;
– for cleaning smokers, grill and BBQ grates, filters, range hoods and baking ovens;
– suitable for cleaning range hoods and vent pipes in industrial kitchens, restaurant and canteen kitchens, for removing contamination, residues and carbonised food from grills, ovens or pizza baking-ovens. Is very good at removing smoke resin residues in smokers. Suitable for cleaning air circulation systems in smokers.

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0.5 litre cleaner for grill grate and accessories

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