Garlic rub 200g

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Powerful garlic and Provencal herbs go well with just about anything, Poppamies ’ favourites include chicken dishes, soups, hot breads and dips. The spice mixture can be generally used for almost any food. Stir in melted butter, for example, and enjoy with crab tails, or marinate lamb chops before grilling. If you like garlic then this spice blend is just for you!

Poppamies’ RUB spices are suitable for dry marinating, ie for massaging meat, as well as for general seasoning in the home kitchen or by the grill. The spice mixture is also suitable for smoked meat. There is nothing extra in the spice, all the ingredients are rubbed in balance in terms of flavours, salt and sweetness. The spice is to be rubbed into the meat well, about 40-50 g per kilogram of meat.

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